10 Things to Look at Before Buying Professional Ping Pong Paddle

Ping pong is a game all about the skill and consistency, just like any other game that we can see around. But on the same time it is also about being professional and also ready for everything that comes your way.

For every soldier that comes down at a battle there is a need to have a weapon, without that?

Winning a war isn’t really going to be a good option and in case of sports there is a need to have a good gear. Gear that can make you play the best of your game and goes perfectly fine with your skill pack only to compliment rest of your game. But trying to find the best paddle can be tricky.

To help you as a guide we have come forward to give 10 things to look at before buying professional ping pong paddle.

Purchase Part by Part

One of the main and most commonly heard and seen tip by all of the pros around the corner is that you should be going for a rather customized ping pong paddle if your game has reached that level. For that make sure that the purchase is done part by part. It means you should be buying the blade and rubber separately. This way you’re going to make sure that the customization flexibility is here and you can choose from tons of options colors and material that goes right and comes together to make a perfect racket for your game.

Know How You Play

This is important on a professional level because you must always know how you play and according to the style of play that you opt for your game the way your paddle needs to be varies as well. Do you like to play aggressive? Do you like to play a little control oriented or you always tend to rely on the spin? Make sure you have that basic and most fundamental requirement in mind and also taken care of because it is going to help you with buying the racket.

Choose Material Carefully

Another thing that you need to be taking care of is the material. Just like even in cricket there have been multiple bats that are made up for plastic fiber those are used to have a better stroke at the game but on the same time in multiple tournaments taking place that bat is not allowed. You have to go with the wood. The same is in the game of ping pong that you need to make sure it is of wood because 85% of the games are played with the same material. Other options are plenty but Wood makes you look as pro as possible.

Handle is Important

Now since the blade is already in discussion right now you need to be very careful when it comes to the handle because it has to fit perfectly fine in that palm of yours and shouldn’t put much of a stress on it. You also need to make sure that everything is going exactly the way you wanted it to be because remember, the handle, the sword, the weapon is under construction here. It is vital, it is most important. If you’re forehand player buy flared, if you want to feel it go for anatomic, if you play defensive go straight and if you like attacking then pen hold will make a perfect choice.

Rubber Comes Next

Another very important thing that you need to take care of and kep a track of is the rubber that is going to cover the face of your paddle. Rubber’s thickness is always going to effect the spin, speed and also the control of the ball. If you go for the thin sponge it will give you better control, but less speed. Go for thick sponge if you want more spin, but less control. You also need to make sure that you go for one of the finest materials present in the market because they are going to deteriorate with time and you will have to keep on changing them as well.

Buy A Couple

It is very important that you buy a paddle that has a good companion. Yes, it is important that you concentrate on your finest blade but on the same time you need to make sure that you have its identical twin. Reason is simple and that is, making up a new racket takes time, dedication and also a good amount of money. If you’re a professional, then it isn’t going to be an easy deal for you to just use one racket and rely on it for all of the matches. Be a true professional and have a spare.

Don’t forget Accessories.

This is where most of the people fail, even the professionals because they think buying a racket is where it all ends. On the same time, you have to be sure that you buy everything that should be necessary for keeping this very racket in its perfect form and it includes the bag for the racket and also the other cleaning and maintaining kit that you will be using to keep this racket in shape that you have spent your time and money on and the one that is going to help you win matches.

Choose a Store Carefully

Remember! Every game and every store is looking out for their benefit and might just rip you off of your wallet and give you something that isn’t up to the caliber because as much as the effort is put in making the best racket? On the same time efforts are being put in order to make the fake ones look exactly like pro ones. Don’t just go to any store and buy it. Go to the official outlets of companies.

Keep Budget in Mind

Always remember that if there’s a big price tag attached to the racket, it doesn’t mean that it will have the exact same quality. Price doesn’t determine that your customization skill and the material determines that. Talk to all of the other players who have been a part of this game earlier and try to work this out as much as you can in your head and don’t go for something that is just expensive and doesn’t deserve to be. Your money is important. Use that for many other things like buying yourself a good suit while playing the game.

Take care of your paddle

Last but not least you need to make sure that whatever you have bought stays with you as much as it can. Once you have bought a professional grade paddle don’t put a bad quality glue or rubber or anything on it. Make sure it is up to its expectation and you take care of its maintenance as well. As good as the paddle is, as good is your game going to be.

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