Reduce Back Pain Using a Chair

If you feel that sharp feeling of someone hitting you in your back or just like you have fought a war or anything my friend that is what is known as back pain. It comes and goes without your notice and this back pain can be the cause of absence from work or frequent visits to the cardiac doctor. Almost 80%people from age 35 to 55 suffer from back pain without even considering it an issue.

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Type of Back Pain

It is generated by the experts that back pain is mainly associated with how our bones, muscles and ligaments connect and work all together. Basically, back pain happens due to a long gap or distance from works and then coming back all of a sudden and not taking doctors advises. Back pain might appear very painful but experts believe that it’s not that much serious issue to worry about.  

Back pain can affect people of any age due to their lack of attention to their physical postures; but it is significantly more common among the adults who are aging between 35 to 50 years. Back pains can mainly be classified into 2 types:

Lower back pain

Back pain linked to lumbar spine, discs between the vertebrae, ligaments around the spine, nerves and spinal cords.

Upper back pain

This type of back pain can occur because of aorta disorder, tumors in chest and spine inflammation.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Strained muscles, ligaments, muscle spasm

Ruptured, bulging disc, arthritis, abnormal curvature of spine, osteoporosis, infection or cancer of spine, caudal equine syndrome, etc.

But these are the diseases that cannot harm many. The things that can cause back pain in general mass are around you all the time. Just look at the chair you sit all day or after you go home the chair or sofa you sit in. ask yourself. Is it comfortable? Does it cuddle you in all the right ways you want it to? Is it to your needs?

Many of us don’t realize the health factors that are linked to the chairs while buying one. And just buy the thing that is the cheapest or maybe the one that’s looking stylish. But this furniture can cause such diseases mentioned above due to

Uncomfortable posture

Discomfort in sitting

Awkward bending position

Harmful material in the body structure of the chair


Hard and what not.

Back Pain issues on daily usage of furniture

Many chairs don’t even last long. They just go inward after first sitting, Many are out dated,  have springs coming out, wooden chair’s foams or cushions get spoiled or torn out, steel chairs if not treated properly get worn out, further more you will get criticized by your workmates at work sibling or better half at home.

Often people are cheated and given a low quality chair in exchange of a high price. These chairs are equivalents to worthless pieces of objects. If you use these chairs it will only increase your visits to doctor and decrease working days.

Now you might think not working is a good job. But in reality you must learn to live unless you are maker of your own fortune.

Since sitting is the new trend whether you are working or at home relaxing with your loved ones or watching TV you will certainly give well consideration on what and how you are sitting.


The main cause of back pain, which by now you have already guessed, is sitting in a wrong posture.

Doesn’t really matter what our occupation is, we have to sit almost 70% times of our daily life, for which we basically use chair. That’s why we need to select an ergonomic chair to avoid back pain.

If you already don’t know what ergonomic chair is, for you, it is a scientifically designed chair that fits according to the postures of your body and responses to your movements so that you feel comfortable and at the same time it makes sure you don’t feel pain. You can see this, for find best living room chair for back pain

Personal Advice

You see just for selecting a wrong chair or sofa that you have to use all day during work time or in home to relax you actually bought yourself a pain generating thing.

So be very careful while buying a chair. 50 years back we had no option but to buy a wooden or steel chair even if that had no ergonomic posture system for the comfort and safety of our body, but with today’s technology you have a lot of options. There are many companies producing ergonomic chairs. You can collect yours from them.

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