How to Make a long Board Skateboard

If you have decided to make a long board skateboard. This means you are a die hard fanatic of skating and skating boards consequently it means you possess the following values: determination, creativity, hard work, and patience.

The mentioned values are a must have as making a skateboard is termed difficult but what’s difficult in the eyes of determined creative patient skater.This article will take you through on step by step guide on how to make a long board skateboard.

Materials needed

The essential tools of a skateboard builder are the following note this is the most essential not everything that can be used the tools are: a well-sharpened pencil, sandpapers of about 80 to 120 of grain, a meter, truck templates, 5,5 millimeter drill bit drill, a deck, tape as well as a jigsaw and nice working pair of hands.

Mapping your board

Using the meter measure the entire width of your deck, divide the width to get its center and mark it with the well-sharpened pencil. This should be done on the upper side of the deck as well as the bottom.

Cross the line with another cutting across to come up with to crosses and mark the point of intersection both on the left and right. Avoid erasing this lines while sanding the board.

Truck templates placing

Place the truck templates on the marked center lines as you tape them on the deck. Ensure that you wheelbase is of an average of 410millimeter.

Hole drilling

After placing your truck templates and taping them on the marked centers. With your 5,5-millimeter drill bit drill, drill the holes as marked slowly and gently. Make sure the holes are not so wide or so small, just right size will work for you.

The important factor to consider, check and decide which holes you would wish to use if its old-school or new school (this are found on the truck templates) most builders make mistakes at this stage. While drilling makes sure to drill from the underside of your deck.

Designing your boards shape

After you have drilled the holes for the truck templates. Now its time to make your creativity work for you. For those with tail or nose templates your work you can use the templates provided. At this stage, you will draw your boards desired shape. Ensure too that whatever shape you have drawn is complete.

Remember the maximum size a board can be is 208 mm by 800mm

Drawing to board

At this stage, you will be required to use a jigsaw in assuring your board is of the same shape with your drawing. A slow but sure pace is the best way to ensuring a quality job.

Sanding your board edges

Due to the sharpness of your board due to the shaping process, sanding is required to eliminate this. While in the preliminary stages of sanding your board use a sandpaper of 80mm for the edges and finish with 120mm of sandpaper grains for smooth edges.

Pimping your ride

You are free to draw anything you want. This can be done with a spray paint, marker or polyurethane paint. Most importantly make sure to paint your board. 


In summary, with the above discussed steps, it's undoubtedly that you can actually achieve a long skateboard. Simply ensure you have the material needed, board mapping, truck the templates placing, hole drilling, designing the shape of your board, sanding the edges of your board and importantly pimping your ride. The most significant thing is to closely following the involved steps and all will be well.

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